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About Greater Akron

A Diverse Region

The Greater Akron Region ó comprised of Summit, Portage and Medina Counties in the heart of Northeastern Ohio, is rich in history, commerce, industry and culture. While the Akron region gained its fame for rubber and tire production, it is quickly gaining a reputation as a world-class center for research and development in a variety of high-tech industries.

The continuing growth of local industry speaks highly of the business climate Akron has created. The community is positioned as a global center for industry by virtue of having one of the nationís best distribution and transportation networks, a favorable tax structure, an abundant water supply and a trained labor force of varied skills. Greater Akron provides a stimulating blend of outstanding educational, cultural and recreational resources.

Ask people what they most value about Greater Akron, and theyíll tell you that itís a region where the business environment is alive with possibilities for success. Itís an area where itís easy to connect with others and foster relationships. And itís a great place to grow up, raise a family, start a career or business, and enjoy life.

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