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Resident Testimonials

Residents speak volumes about Greater Akron – an area that is brimming with treasures.

“My wife Theresa and I moved to Akron from West Lafayette, Indiana, in late 1998. From the very first, we found Akron to be very welcoming and a beautiful place in which to live. In the ensuing years, our initial impressions have proven correct, and we have found Northeast Ohio stimulating and engaging. We have been happy to discover the outstanding educational, recreational and economic opportunities that abound in this region. This area is brimming with treasures that should be celebrated by all, and we are proud to call it home.”
Luis Proenza
President,The University of Akron

“My family moved from Cleveland to Akron in 1991 just before my 16th birthday. After graduating with a BS in accounting from The University of Akron in ’98, it never really occurred to me to leave Akron because most of the friends I’d made while in college were from this area, and they weren’t planning to leave. So I pursued my MBA in management at UA and graduated in spring 2005. I currently live in Highland Square, a great eclectic neighborhood in the heart of Akron. My neighbors are of every race, age, culture and lifestyle. In the square, there are great restaurants with outdoor seating, a coffee shop, a library, a tailor, a pharmacy, a pet shop, a video store, a record shop and other great places to find what you might need. A few blocks away, there are incredibly beautiful homes with charm and character. I am happy with my life here, and I would stay here to raise a family. Akron has it all – so much, so close – everything I want from a big city with a small-town feel.”
Eustacia Netzel
Assistant Vice President & Community Bank Manager, FirstMerit Bank, Akron

“People love the fact that Akron is a just-the-right-size city. Great amenities abound for a market this size, but without the trials and tribulations of the commuter traffic, crime and civic congestion that you see in other larger communities. Green space is abundant here, with our park system and trails, which are a stone’s throw from downtown. One of Akron’s top draws is our power of proximity: 25 minutes to Cleveland, 15 to Canton, 2 hours to Columbus or Pittsburgh, 7.5 to NYC and less than that to Chicago if you crave a ‘big-city’ weekend jaunt. Housing is relatively inexpensive with a wide range of choices. Waterfront property, suburban, century homes or new development are all within easy reach here. We also have high marks in great education, with The University of Akron, Kent State, Hiram, Malone, Walsh, Case Western Reserve University and other institutions, from community colleges to world-class B-schools. One of Akron’s greatest assets is its people. Lacking in pretense, with a solid work ethic and strong values, Akronites may be a wee bit provincial, but they’re friendly, helpful and passionate. We love our sports to the point of obsession, especially high school football and basketball, though swimming, tennis, wrestling and soccer have great fans, too. And our growing arts community is gaining more traction every day.”
Kurt A.Minson
Managing Consultant,The M Group Consultants

“Akron’s greatest selling point is its big city, urban appeal with small-town advantages. We have what my friends and I call the rush-minute – we don’t waste our lives away in a traffic jam everyday. Along with that, we have easy and affordable access to national and international travel by way of Cleveland-Hopkins International and Akron-Canton Regional airports. We are urban enough to enjoy ethnic diversity, nightlife and culture in an urban lifestyle (which is gravy, with Cleveland a short drive to the north), and we aren’t so big that you’re so anonymous you get lost in the mix.”
Leah Anglin
Economic Development Specialist, Office of the Mayor, City of Akron

“I appreciate the low cost of living in this region. After living in Boston for a number of years, I got sick of paying most of my salary to rent every month, so I moved back to Akron to be closer to my family. In Greater Akron, I can afford to own a home and still have money to travel, shop, dine out and take advantage of all the great things the area has to offer. Of course, I love the diverse and varied arts and culture scene here! I also really enjoy the Cuyahoga Valley National Park for running, biking and recreation. My husband and I like living in Fairlawn Heights because it is very quiet but still in the City of Akron. Our neighbors are a nice mix of young couples with young families and older people who have lived in the neighborhood for years. My husband owns his own business and employs about 50 people, so our livelihood is here. We plan to stay and raise our family here.”
Elizabeth Q. Sheeler

“I grew up in San Diego, California, and moved to Akron in 1998 after completing military service at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. While pursuing my undergrad at The University of Akron and my law degree from the The University of Akron School of Law, I met many wonderful people and made many friends, which is why I’ve remained here. To me, Akron offers a wide array of opportunities and activities for everyone – from the Akron Aeros baseball games and athletic events at Canal Park Stadium, to the Broadway shows, concerts and other events at E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall. We’re fortunate to have Akron’s wide range of parks, history, and employment, as well as many other benefits, right in our backyard. For these and many other reasons, I look forward to raising a family in and being a lifelong active resident of Akron.”
Richard J.Williams, Esq.
Law Offices of Richard J. Williams & Associates, Akron