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Greater Akron Ecosystem Partners Provide Continued Support Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Thursday, April 23, 2020 by Paige Freel

Greater Akron Ecosystem Partners Provide Continued Support Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way we live, and the way businesses operate. While the challenges persist, the ecosystem in Greater Akron has responded with resounding support. Organizations are curating resources, holding calls to provide information on funding opportunities and HR matters and coming up with creative ways to ensure their stakeholders not only understand their options but also have an opportunity to continue to connect in the process. We are committed to bringing attention to these resources in order to facilitate greater awareness for those who can benefit. Two examples of ecosystem partners going above and beyond for their stakeholders include Downtown Akron Partnership and ArtsNow.
Downtown Akron Partnership’s mission is to promote and build a vibrant and valuable downtown —and amid the COVID-19 pandemic, they have remained true to these goals. Through their website and social media, they provide updates and information about everything happening in Downtown Akron. From providing exposure to businesses that have remained opened for delivery and carry-out to promoting online shopping at Downtown’s retail businesses — Downtown Akron Partnership is working to promote the businesses and virtual connectivity opportunities during this time.  
ArtsNow has created a resource center to support the arts, culture non-profits, and gig workers being heavily impacted by the current economic state surrounding COVID-19. These resources span from access to capital, updates on unemployment, and local virtual support. In addition, ArtsNow has launched a COVID-19 Advocacy Center, which provides information on key policies impacting the arts and culture community and provides these individuals with an opportunity to connect with policymakers and continue to advance the arts and culture agenda during this time. ArtsNow is also hosting virtual meet-ups to support and connect resource partners in this sector. Greater Akron is fortunate to have an organization like ArtsNow and their efforts remain critical to supporting the arts and culture industries in this region.
Both Downtown Akron Partnership and ArtsNow play critical roles in helping businesses grow in Greater Akron and they continue to work to support the growth of these businesses during and after COVID-19.
For more information from Downtown Akron Partnership or ArtsNow COVID-19 resources, visit https://www.downtownakron.com/news/covid-19 and https://artsnow.org/covid-19-resources/.
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