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You Can Stop the Madness

8:00 AM - 9:15 AM
Online - Virtual Event

Women's Network Leadership Institute connects, empowers and inspires women by helping them achieve success in their personal and professional lives.  We offer structured, high-quality programming to women through Leadership training, Professional development, Business knowledge and skills, Professionally facilitated mentoring, Networking, Recognition and awards.

Speaker: Kim Kucinich, Founder, KIMPACTED, Ltd.
Topic: You Can Stop the Madness

kim-k.jpgKim Kucinich is a certified coach and motivational speaker committed to working with people to help them produce the results they say they want in their personal lives that enhance their quality of life.

Known for being the “Reality Facilitator”, Kim’s keeping it real approach takes the mystery out of the everyday challenges of stress, struggle and suffering that weigh us down, hold us back and even have us sell out on ourselves in the pursuit of fun, freedom and fulfillment.

Regardless of their professional career or place in life, all of Kim’s clients have this in common: they are busy, successful, resourceful and intelligent people who want more satisfaction and fulfillment in their life. Kim works with people to have them see how their current mindset is creating their current reality and results in all areas of their life, and have them consider more empowering choices and actions that get them the results they say they want.

Change, challenges and setbacks are a part of the business of life and being human.

Kim’s fundamental belief is that we have the power to shape our future, that what happens in life is not as important as how you choose to interpret those experiences.

Kim’s personal transformation started when she carved out the time to do the work, work from the inside- out to explore the many sides of self and get out of her own way. Adversity can be the very thing that has you dig deep to access your personal power and find your voice.

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