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Attn: Chamber Members! Check out Froggerjobs.com

Froggerjobs.com is a new National Jobs Board that launched on June 19.  We will be advertising 2,000,000 available positions that need to be filled across the USA. Froggerjobs.com was created by recruiters who have worked in the staffing industry for over 20 + years. Simply put, they just got tired of placing ads, spending big money, having little or no results and decided to come up with something better. Being the best recruiting tool is our goal and we need your input.
The staff of Froggerjobs.com has a unique understanding of the frustrations that all human resources professionals experience. Imagine, finding the right candidates while keeping your CFO happy by not spending your company into eternity. This is a dream we intend to make a reality!  Froggerjobs.com offers a more personal touch, offering flexibility, and thinks outside the box while providing a cost-effective alternative compared to other Job Boards. Some people say, why should we change? We say why not try a company created and operated by experienced recruiters?
If you are interested in our National ONE Month Three for FREE Job Postings Trial Offer for all U.S. employers, your access code is 34FREE.

Click on this link to view our talking Frog! https://youtu.be/r9VW8wyP03Q.
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