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Buckeye Baskets - Holiday Gift Giving Made Easy

Buckeye Baskets is a program that directly benefits people with disabilities; they earn paychecks and gain job skills by assembling and wrapping orders.  Buckeye Baskets work with many local/small companies that specialize in small batch foods for their baskets.  Many of their baskets feature all-Ohio products, and they’re offering an OSU basket this fall.
Customize your gifts with your company logo items, a gift tag with your logo and a personal message to the recipient.  Conveniently ship gifts anywhere in the world.  Support the employment of people with disabilities.  When you send a beautifully wrapped gift basket, you also provide creative work for people at United Disability Services.  It's a gift that give twice!

Contact Amanda Adelman at (330) 379-3341 or [email protected].  View the full line of holiday selections after November 1 at www.buckeyebaskets.com.  You can also order Buckeye Basets year-round.

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