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Summit County Astronomy Club (SCAC) Observatory in Bath

The Observatory Bulding
24' x 16' observatory with a slide-off roof.  The Summit Club  will be caretaker, not sole operator.  Schools and other qualifield groups are welcome to use the observatory. The SCAC wants to have someone using the observatory every clear night.  The bulding cost is $16,800.

A Newer Concept in Observatories
Instead of one telescope people wait in line to look through, this observatory will have five 11" computer-driven telescopes. Anyone, with very simple instruction, will be able to tour the universe on their own,   Too many times, families are turned off of science because of a purchase of a difficult-to-use telescope.... they are just no fun!  Hand the keypad to a teenager and tell them this is a remote control to the Universe!  The telescopes and accessories needed are $19,959.  The adjustable piers to make them handicap accessable are $15,000.   In other words, each telescope station is $7,000.

Location -- A rare urban find.
The Bath Trustees and the Bath Nature Preserve Advisory Council have agreed on a location in this wonderful park.  It is an exceptional location.  The topography blocks most the sky-glow from Akron, and there are no lights to interfere with night vision.  The ground slopes away from the southeast which is want an astronomer wants because that is where objects rise above the horizon. The location also has parking, a rest room and power that is 20' from the observatory.  Also being a nature preserve, many a night, we have stopped star gazing and just listenend to the wildlife.  On moonless nights, we can see the Milky Way.

Naming Rights
Any large donation can have naming rights.  All donations will be recognized in the observatory.
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