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Women’s Network Leadership Institute exists to Connect, Empower and Inspire through professional development, leadership training, continuous research and thought leadership.  In 2019, Women’s Network Leadership Institute released the Gender Equity and Women’s Leadership Study on the status of women in Summit County. 


Women’s Network Leadership Institute has a deep history in Summit County, dating back to 1978 when a group of women saw the need to support each other.  Formed as a 501c3, the network’s mission has always been to be the vehicle by which women could assist each other in growing personally and professionally.

In the fall of 2019, Women’s Network Leadership Institute and the Greater Akron Chamber memorialized a formal Affiliation Agreement. Women’s Network Leadership Institute essentially became the professional development, leadership development and programming arm of the Greater Akron Chamber.  

As two organizations with similar missions, together we provide valuable programming and leadership development for women.  With the timely mission of Elevate Greater Akron, Women’s Network Leadership Institute is committed to the mission of equity and inclusion for all.


Professional Development Courses 

Leading With Strength

The release of the full Gender Equity and Women's Leadership Research report is the lens through which Leading with Strength is delivered.  The six-session program is engineered as a catalyst for women to enhance their leadership knowledge through personal growth and an understanding of their specific strengths.  Participants learn how to move towards their individual strengths into significant positions of leadership by dissecting their strengths within the four pillars. Register Here

Managing With Strength

This four-part series is designed to enhance a manager’s ability to dynamically lead individuals and teams to peak performance. Managers sometimes get promoted because they are good at what they do.  Often those advancement positions require new managers to then manage former peers.  This course teaches how to navigate that shift in the relationship and instills the confidence to manage effectively, efficiently and with confidence. Register Here

Negotiating With Strength

Negotiating is a critical skill that women often request to be taught.  This new course is designed to leverage the Clifton Strengths in learning the skill of negotiation.  This four-session program will show you how to thoroughly prepare for a negotiation; how to master the art of asking questions, and how to deliver effective presentations and communicate with impact. Register Here

Engagement with Women’s Network Leadership Institute and Membership

As a member of the Greater Akron Chamber, any female employee inside a GAC member business is granted membership status to Women’s Network Leadership Institute.  To be included in regular correspondence, simply complete the 'Contact Us' form to the right.

Programming is then available at membership price. For non-GAC members, programming is available at the Community Rate.  For further information on how companies can utilize services for female employees, email [email protected].

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